Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising is highly accountable, immediate and a key factor for driving qualified leads and sales. Suche Group understands consumer search behavior and uses that analysis as a platform to develop a strategy for building an appropriate campaign. With an auction format, the cost of positions varies based on location on the page and the level of competition. But it costs money, so you want a smart, experienced paid search manager who will manage your money as carefully as you do.

With Suche Group you can expect your paid search manager to build and manage a campaign that will:

  • Attract the most highly qualified visitors to your website.
  • Provide ongoing testing at Google, Yahoo! & MSN.
  • Deliver a Cost-per-Click that meets your Cost-per-Acquisition targets.


Successful paid search campaigns require top-notch strategizing, implementing, analyzing and then a lot of intelligent testing.

To successfully manage your paid search campaigns, we:

  1. Identify the language a company's target audiences uses when looking for products or services important to the Client.

  2. Adjust campaigns in real time with great precision, enabling temporal/seasonal marketing

  3. Bid, manage, optimize and report on keyword bids, placements and messaging to ensure the greatest ROI

  4. Create, monitor and expand lists of "negative" keywords to further control costs.

  5. Set up accounts on selected search engines.

  6. Set up accounts for testing at search engine content networks, where appropriate, for both text and image ads.

  7. Develop compelling titles and descriptions for the ads.

  8. Test the performance of different creative, landing pages, and keywords.

  9. Test day-parting, geo-targeting and more.

  10. Manage, track and optimize for ROI.

  11. Report on cost-per-visitor and cost-per-conversion for every keyword in your campaign.

For Mature Paid Search Campaigns:

As click costs and competition continue to rise, companies increasingly find that their paid search campaigns, whether managed in-house or outsourced, plateau at a particular threshold. We specialize in analyzing and overhauling mature paid search campaigns to drive them to the next level of success.

We provide full account management with ROI and other performance metrics provided to our Clients in a format that makes our information not just another report. You get the data you need to make key marketing decisions without the time-consuming task of testing and analyzing the thousands of variables required for a comprehensive, successful Pay-per-Click campaign.

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