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Reports of Bing’s First Decline

It has finally happened, well at least according to StatCounter. Bing’s market share saw a decrease from Aug ‘09 – Sep ‘09 around a delta of -13.28%. And it looks like Google gained. What a surprise. Does this provide any insight into people who were testing out Bing and have now retreated back to their [...]

Bing’s Big Win – 10% Search Share

Bing search engine / decision maker is the fastest-growing U.S. search engine among the top 10, according to a Nielsen report released Monday. Bing brought in 1.1 billion searches for the month of August, a leap of 22.1% over July, attaining a 10.7% share of the search market. Google remained in the top spot with [...]

Bing’s New Visual Search Tool

Bing just released its Visual Search (VS) tool which looks like they may have had somebody from Google Products working on this one. In a condensed overview; Bing’s VS tool is a new visual way to search for “stuff” besides your typical text searches it will only let you click on images to drill down [...]