Reports of Bing’s First Decline


It has finally happened, well at least according to StatCounter. Bing’s market share saw a decrease from Aug ‘09 – Sep ‘09 around a delta of -13.28%. And it looks like Google gained. What a surprise. Does this provide any insight into people who were testing out Bing and have now retreated back to their beloved original search engine? Well we can’t say that just yet, still need to see the results from other analytical providers. Stay tuned.

Refine Your Google Search w/New Options


In May Google launched a side panel that lets you filter and generate a variety of views of your search results. Well, Today they announced nine NEW Search Options tools:past hour, specific date range, more shopping sites, fewer shopping sites, visited pages, not yet visited, books, blogs and news. These new features have been rolling out gradually and will be available on a global level in English by the end of the day.

More shopping sites and Fewer shopping sites: Now you can choose “More shopping sites” to show additional commercial pages and display prices from those pages right in the search results. If you’re doing product research and are not quite ready to make a purchase, you can choose to see “Fewer shopping sites” to filter out many of the commercial sites.

Visited pages and Not yet visited: Rediscover pages you’ve visited before by clicking “Visited pages,” or filter out the websites you’ve seen by clicking “Not yet visited.” This can be particularly helpful when you’re researching something you’ve already explored and you want to return right where you left off. To use this option you’ll need to be signed in to your Google Account and have Web History enabled.

Books, Blogs and News: Click on these filters to see results only from these sources. Putting these filters together, along with videos, forums, and reviews, allows you to quickly switch between different source types right on the search results page.

Bing’s Big Win – 10% Search Share


Bing search engine / decision maker is the fastest-growing U.S. search engine among the top 10, according to a Nielsen report released Monday. Bing brought in 1.1 billion searches for the month of August, a leap of 22.1% over July, attaining a 10.7% share of the search market. Google remained in the top spot with an authoritative 64.6% share, accounting for 7 billion searches in August, a gain of 2.6% over July. Old Yeller Yahoo saw its search results drop 4.2% for the month to 1.7 billion searches, grabbing 16% of the market.

Adobe + Omniture = Smart


Adobe Systems Inc and Omniture, Inc announced today that the two companies have entered into an agreement for Adobe to acquire Omniture valued at approx $1.8 billion. Adobe will buy Omniture’s current stock valued at $21.50 per share in cash. The acquisition furthers revolutionizes the way the world engages and interacts with information. The combination of the strengths of the two companies will allow Adobe to potentially increase the value of its offerings.

“Omniture’s mission has been to enable our customers to optimize every digital interaction,” said Josh James, CEO of Omniture. “By joining forces with Adobe, we will accelerate our ability to deliver on that vision and together bring new innovation to the market that improves content engagement, advertising effectiveness and the overall user experience, which will drive more advertising dollars online.”

Bing’s New Visual Search Tool


Bing just released its Visual Search (VS) tool which looks like they may have had somebody from Google Products working on this one. In a condensed overview; Bing’s VS tool is a new visual way to search for “stuff” besides your typical text searches it will only let you click on images to drill down onto your search results. However, you have to have the latest version Silverfox installed for it to work.

Checkout the beta of Visual Search. You are restricted to categories but the categories seem to enough or are they:

100 heroes and villains
Billboard’s past albums
Billboard’s past songs
Film legends
Greatest movies
Movies in theaters
Popular books
Popular celebrities
Popular DVDs
Popular TV shows
Pulitzer winning fiction
Top albums
Top songs

Famous People
FBI’s most wanted
Popular celebrities
US politicians
US presidents
US vice presidents
World leaders

Dog breeds
Periodic table
Travel destinations
US politicians
US presidents
US states
US vice presidents
World leaders
Yoga poses

Cell phones
Digital cameras
New cars
Popular books
Popular DVDs
Portable GPS
Pulitzer winning fiction
Top albums
Top iPhone apps

MLB players
MLB teams
NASCAR drivers
NBA players
NBA teams
NFL players
NFL teams
NHL players
NHL teams
UFC fighters